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2019 Term 3 Tinker Education STEM Program

Tinker Education is a STEM curriculum-based program designed by EMCAST, South Korean Education Technology Company. At our Nairobi learning center, kids explore computer science & life science concepts through programming (coding) & physical computing activities to maximize their critical thinking ability and develop 21st century skills. Students of Ages: 5 [...]

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Tinker Science Invention Fair 

They came, they saw, they invented!   The boot camp last week focused on students' inventions. The students came up with original ideas and brought them to life. Check out the fantastic ideas some of the students came up with.                       [...]

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Tinker Education At Peponi School

Having an after school program outside school schedule can help children see that STEM is more than a class.    At TInker Education, we believe that STEM Education is for all kids. Regardless of the system of education they undergo, all students have a natural talent which when well natured, [...]

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Meet The Young Creative Annabelle

“When we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, our work takes on the quality of play, and it is the play that stimulates creativity.” - Linda Naiman   Meet Annabelle, age 6, a student at Tinker Education; she is pursuing STEM education with computer science as an [...]

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Rehema – Journey At Tinker

Are you a curious person?  Do you like solving problems?  If you do, you probably like STEM!   Well, ten year old Rehema from Nova Pioneer, LOVES Social Studies. Since May 2018, she has been our student at Tinker Education, her curiosity about the world around her has influenced her [...]

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Tinker Parents Testimonial

Etienne, age 10, goes to a French school. He is one of our best students, having passion for learning STEM education with computer science. He loves mathematics and, also, loves being able to interact with mathematics differently through coding. That is exciting for him.   Tinker Education has been with [...]

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Programming Sounds and Tones with MicroPython

Python + Micro:Bit = MicroPython !!!   This term in Tinker Education’s intensive coding class, students are using Python Programming Language and Micro:Bit physical computing for invention.   Last Saturday’s mission asked students to ‘make music using the micro:Bit’.   The idea that you can use code to generate sound [...]

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Telling your own story in Scratch Coding

WHO AM I?   Reading and sharing stories are a great way to learn sounds, recognize words, and develop early literacy skills. Instead of writing a long composition, Tinker students use their imagination to tell their own story through coding.   How?   With Scratch block-based coding, students IMAGINE themselves [...]

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