Meet Tinker Education’s Innovators 2019

Meet Tinker Education’s Innovators 2019

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When it comes to Invention and Innovation At Tinker Education, Age is just but a Number.


School, sports and other activities can be very fun. But for these multi talented Tinker Education stage 3 students, coding is an essential skill they have been seeking to have since they joined Tinker STEM learning center.


At the age of 10 + these students have a say of what they would like to do as an extra activity and for them, every Saturdays they dedicate their time and energy to come and create something using technology.



We are calling them Tinker Innovators of the year because of their amazing progress thus far in our STEM curriculum. So far this is the best term for some as there has been no lecture from the teacher. This term’s content is about students going through the following process by themselves to BUILD their own invention.

  1. Students Think and identify an innovative idea 
  2. Research the possibilities of creating the idea.
  3. Test how possible it is to create this idea.
  4. After evaluations, consultations and a lot of consideration, proceed to the building of the idea.



Now, you may be asking yourself how are they equipped for this? Here’s a quote from their teacher Mr. Harrison to answer that.

 “These students possess a strong research skills on the internet, personal interviews, articles and books. They have learnt basic programming languages such as Scratch, Micro:Bit, Python and MicroPython therefore they are best equipped to use and apply their imagination to create any invention they want.”


Alas! There you have it. As the term continues, the testing and debugging becomes more intense. I can’t wait to show you guys the final products that these amazing young kids are going to introduce to the world. Read more stories from the blog to see their Tinkering  journey. 


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