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For every great Invention, there is a Flowchart

Coding is not just going to the computer and starting to type in the scripts. Programming/Coding requires a well thought out and written plan. It requires a clear algorithm or flowchart to follow through while writing the scripts.   An algorithm is a computer procedure which is like a recipe, [...]

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Making a Monkey Rescue Game with my pair programmer

Pair programming is an easy programming technique in which two programmers work together at one workstation. One programmer, the driver, writes codewhile the other, the observer or navigator, reviews each line of code as it is typed. The two programmers frequently switch roles to code and debug in real time. [...]

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Making Fun Animation Stories on Scratch Basic

Did you see our i:Block 1 students (ages 5-7) making their own animation using Scratch Junior. They made their cars to drive across town. If you missed it check out here: http://tinkeredu.net/animate-your-car-to-drive-with-scratch/   Today we look at one among other interesting projects of our Stage 2 students (ages 8-10), who [...]

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The Classic Dice Game with Python

There are so many great projects that can be created with Python programming. Today, we look at rolling the dice game made by the i:Imagine class.   This game requires the understanding of randomness. For example, in real life every time you toss a dice, you get a random number, [...]

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Marble Drawing Fun

Tinker Education students use creativity, communication, and artistic skills to express themselves. In the STEAM program, i:Block students enjoy using everyday materials to create beautiful pieces of Art.   The process is fun and very easy to do. Let's check out how these young i:Block 1 students went about making [...]

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Animate Your Car to Drive with Scratch

It's entertaining to watch cartoons on TV. How much fun would it be if you could create your own animations?  Imagine all the stories you could come up with!   Tinker Education’s i:Block 1 class (ages 5-7) learn coding by making cars drive across the city by using a programming [...]

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