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Welcome To The World of 2D and 3D Animation Creativity!

(cr. https://www.lifehack.org/articles/technology/10-reasons-why-minecraft-beneficial-for-your-kids.html)   It’s the December Holidays! Tinker Education is pleased to invite kids age 5 - 15 years old to the Computer Science and Minecraft Bootcamp. In this increasingly digital world, children must become fluent in current technologies. To help children build a strong social ties and improve other [...]

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The Tinkering Process at Tinker Education

There is a new way of learning! One that is FUN! One that students are more of the teacher than the student because it is about the application of their ideas and creativity in learning. Check out how Tinker Education stage 1 students age 5-8 years learn STEM education through [...]

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Meet Tinker Education’s Innovators 2019

When it comes to Invention and Innovation At Tinker Education, Age is just but a Number.   School, sports and other activities can be very fun. But for these multi talented Tinker Education stage 3 students, coding is an essential skill they have been seeking to have since they joined [...]

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