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Jason is our 10 year old student who recently started coding at tinker education through our crash program.
It is a 2 week program in which the kids learn coding through a compact learning schedule.

During our End program presentation, he presented his project called BOTSON based on Chatbot and Dice game.

How the project works
The project starts with an introduction of the chatbot by the narrator. The introduction gives a reason as to why the chatbot responds in such an aggressive manner. In the chatbot is a game. Here, the user is supposed to select a random number between one and six. The computer selects a random number as well within this range. A comparison is then made on the two numbers. If the user’s number is same as the computer’s then they’re given a pleasant message if not they get a message “wow *cough*cough” which is meant to be sarcastic since they got it wrong. The game also checks whether a person gave a number greater than 6 or number 0 and gives a response for that too.

Code functionalities used:
1. Conditional statements – to compare the numbers and give respective responses
2. Random module- for the computer to automatically select a random number
3.Input function- To receive user’s keyboard input

The student is very creative and ready to take up challenging tasks. He is also keen to apply all that he learns in class on different projects. He also enjoys learning and sharing new things that he learnt on his own.

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