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Traffic Light System Project

2018-07-24T16:40:07+09:00 Jan 19, 2018|Tinker Stories|0 Comments

We are excited to be back for Tinker STEM Saturday 2018 with updated programs for children of all ages.
Our first Saturday was abuzz with new teachers, new classrooms and new students! We anticipate a bright year for all!

In Programming IoT, students began the term learning about analog and digital signals using the knowledge concepts from last year’s electrical energy class. We first begin the course “Programming IoT” by wiring up the first traffic light.








Of course, all of this effort in learning how to sequence and time lights doesn’t have to stop with a traffic light. We are sure this has opened up the students’ imagination to other things such as setting up Christmas lights or stage lighting effects!

More fun with STEM + Coding next week!

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