Make Me Happy

Make Me Happy

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Machine learning is based on the idea that systems can learn from the data that people feed them, identify patterns and make decisions on their own with less human intervention. Gabriella is an eight year old student. She is a very sweet, talented and curious girl. She enjoys discovering new ways to complete a task. Since she has gone through the stages of learning Scratch, she is particularly interested in understanding what Machine Learning is, especially now that she has discovered that she interacts with it on a daily basis. For instance, she is able to relate the way Netflix recommends to her movies based on those she has watched before.

In this lesson, she gets to understand Sentiment Analysis: The process of analyzing pieces of writing in order to determine the emotional tone they carry- positive, negative or neutral. This knowledge is of great for opinion mining in fields such as e-commerce, communication, marketing, advertising and market research.

How She Achieves This!
She gets to train her computer to understand an emotional tone from a text. She is able to draw and instruct an emoji to react to different texts of different tone. She trains the machine to know the difference between a compliment and a criticism. She gives several examples of mean words and kind words and trains the machine to understand the difference. She tests the outcome by writing different messages to the emoji, which reacts instantly with a sad or happy face depending on the text written. She is intrigued by the results!

She eagerly looks forward to her next class where she will get to improve her project by adding sound, colour and using different characters.

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