Find Your Favorite Planet with Bee-bot

Find Your Favorite Planet with Bee-bot

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Do you know a fun way to learn the solar system?

How about coming up with a creative algorithm for your Bee-bot to take you to your favorite planet?


“Take me to my Planet” mission was on!

The teams busied with planning and creating their algorithms.



Which team will come up with the most creative algorithm? Let’s find out the process.


First, the teacher will give the features of the planet she wants you to send to your Bee-bot.

Second, the students identify the planets.



Third, the students identify and plan for the easiest or the most creative route for the Bee-bot to get there!



Release the Bee-Bot!! Of course by programming for the Bee-Bot in the following order:

  1. Writing an algorithm
  2. Programming the robot (Bee-bot)
  3. Press Go
  4. In case it doesn’t follow your plan, look for bugs in the programming



Finally after an exciting presentations from the teams, the class voted team Eyeballs the “most creative algorithm.”

Join Tinker to take part in this fun learning 🙂


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