Enhancing Computational Skills with Ozobot

Enhancing Computational Skills with Ozobot

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Wouldn’t it be great to learn computational skills in a fun and easy way?
That’s exactly what we do at Tinker!

Students are learning about the “random” concept, which is a very important concept in computational skills as well in math.

How does Ozobot help to learn computational skills?

Students learn and apply the “random” concept using Ozobot, a small coding robot. 
Ozobot identifies lines, colors, and codes.

This means that students can make their own shapes and lines using markers and crayons, and Ozobot will read the code and move accordingly.

How did students learn the “random” concept with Ozobot?

Students freely drew intersections using different colors in their worksheet and made Ozobot move.



By seeing the Ozobot move randomly on the lines and shapes they drew randomly, students understand that Ozobots move randomly when they meet intersections.



This enabled students to know the concept of “random” in a fun and easy way.

Come join Tinker today, and learn by having fun 🙂


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