Coding the Fun Way

Coding the Fun Way

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Why is coding fun at Tinker?


Just take a look at how our i:Block 1 students learn in class!

They’re learning how to code using Scratch Jr., a programming language for kids.


What are students learning with Scratch Jr.?


In this class, they learned how to use different blocks to code and make their character do different things.

For example, students used the “set speed” block to change their character’s speed.

Also, they used the “grow” block to make their character’s size smaller or larger.


Step 1: Students plan how they will code with Scratch Jr. block stickers


Step 2: Students use Scratch Jr. to code as their plan


Step 3: Students watch their characters run a race!


Don’t you want to be a part of this fun learning?

Join Tinker today by clicking the “Apply” button on the top of our website.


If you have any inquiries, please call 0715-978-986.

See you at Tinker very soon 🙂

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