Animate Your Car to Drive with Scratch

Animate Your Car to Drive with Scratch

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It’s entertaining to watch cartoons on TV.
How much fun would it be if you could create your own animations? 

Imagine all the stories you could come up with!


Tinker Education’s i:Block 1 class (ages 5-7) learn coding by making cars drive across the city
by using a programming language called Scratch Junior.

Check out the steps they followed to accomplish their mission:


Step 1:

Students identify an appropriate background, keeping in mind that their car is in the city



Step 2:

They choose their preferred vehicle or create their own by adding effects like colour



Step 3:

Using directions, students determine the number of steps they want their car to move towards its destination.

Through this, they not only learn the mathematical concept of coordinates, but also
they are able to story-tell and bring their imagination to life.



Students used their imagination to improve their mission projects by making their cars to become bigger
when it reaches the destination and shrink back using the “Grow” and “Shrink” blocks on Scratch Jr.


See Mokeira’s (age 6) final project presentation!


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