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2017 Nairobi Robotics & STEM Bootcamp

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Tinker Education held the 2017 Nairobi Robotics & STEM Bootcamp from December 11th to 16th in 2017.
Students from 5 to 17 years old worked in teams based on their ages. They learned the basics of engineering mechanics, electrical wiring, mechanical trouble-shooting, programming, and collaboration skills. Afterwards, they applied these skills to making their own robot cars.

Moreover, students developed problem solving skills, which are critical for 21st century success.

On the last day of bootcamp, the students competed in a race competition with the robot cars they made. Every team did their best in coding their car to move fastly.

They truly did an amazing job!


♣ Bootcamp Activities

Activity 1. Learning the Basics of Electronics








Activity 2. Electrical Wiring & Mechanical Trouble Shooting by Developing Robot Cars









Activity 3. Presenting Flowchart of Robot Car Operation












Activity 4. Programming for Robot Car Operation









Activity 5. Collaboration for Improvement








Activity 6. Racing Competition










Activity 7. Certificate Ceremony















See you next year!


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