Young Scientists Making a Sundial

Young Scientists Making a Sundial

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Throwback to how time was told in the past! The sundial as we know is used to indicate time by the way it casts shadow based on the position of the sun.

The Young Scientists of Tinker Education learnt different concepts such as how shadows are formed, the earth’s axis, Northern and Southern Hemispheres and what causes seasons.

Below is the Engineering Design Process they go through in class to get to their beautiful and exciting  experiment.


Students and teachers discuss the effects of the temperature and of seasons.
The students then move on to elaborating on what causes seasons.


The teacher then gets students to watch the full video on the concept of Air, to make them understand better.


After knowing what the sundial is and its function, students prepare their resources ready to create their own Sundials


With the help of the teacher,the creation of the project according to what they had made in their plan begins as students design a functional sundial.


Once it’s all set and done, they put  their Sundial to test, in this process they identify any improvements in the experiments and any changes. 

Finally! They have their sundials ready to observe in the sun as they make conclusions of their experiments.

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