Tinker students presenting Graphs on Microcontroller

Tinker students presenting Graphs on Microcontroller

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So last Saturday in Microcontroller class, a class composed of students between the age of 8-10 years had a one on one presentation session whereby each student becomes the teacher once they complete plotting their acceleration with Micro Bit coding.

Acceleration as we understand is the rate of change of the velocity of an object with respect to time.

 Tinker students however are taught the concepts of loops, algorithmic thinking and variables using Micro Bit as the coding tool and language used to direct and communicate with the computer to make an action possible.

They related the topic to the real life experience of acceleration in the amusement park where their bodies go through the experience in the rides. This made things more interesting and built curiosity.

Students then started the process of creating their own interpretation of their understanding from the class discussion. They proceeded to the “Show and tell the class what you made” part of the lesson. Check out Jesse’s presentation below. 

What a powerful way to help them learn mathematical concepts and make connections with other mathematics lessons. Stay in touch for another story about another STEM class at Tinker Education. I will leave you with the videos below, you might learn one or two things from these young students!

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