Tinker Education At Peponi School

Tinker Education At Peponi School

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Having an after school program outside school schedule can help children see that STEM is more than a class. 


At TInker Education, we believe that STEM Education is for all kids. Regardless of the system of education they undergo, all students have a natural talent which when well natured, can change the world. 


Real-life approach of STEM activities put together with ideas acquired from school, are essential in the child’s day-to-day activities. The problem solving and critical thinking ideas benefit the society and the entire world in various fields.



Having this bootcamp with Peponi students is a great joy to us as we get to meet kids with great ideas. Our role here is to guide them in realizing their capability in making ideas come to life through innovation. Today they were able to make a brush robot and a gliding robot. Next week they will finish the camp with their tin can robots. 


Fun Facts:  

  • Brush Robot is an example of a ‘vibrobot’ — a robot that moves due to vibration.


  • Some vibrobots are solar powered, they in the presence of Sun shines.


  • Brush vibrobots have been used to explore blocked pipes. Their bristles can go past obstructions that would stop the wheels of a normal robot (STEMfinity).

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