Tinker Education at Hillcrest International School

Tinker Education at Hillcrest International School

2019-07-11T09:26:47+09:00 Jul 5, 2019|News|0 Comments

What a great pleasure for Tinker Education’s team to be invited as guest speakers at the Hillcrest International School’s Invention Convention Science Fair.


We believe that young children have their own natural talents that should be supported and nurtured to bring life to their ideas for innovation. Kids are more than capable of creating amazing games for fun, inventions to make work easier, or design improvements of already existing things.


Letting these young ones understand that they have a great impact in the world around them; that they are not just users, but also creators for social impact is one step to building their courage to explore STEM.


At TInker Education, we not only teach STEM skills through computer science to young children but also encourage and empower them through hands-on learning to believe in themselves and their ideas.

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