The Dance Challenge Game with Python

The Dance Challenge Game with Python

2021-03-29T00:30:31+09:00 Mar 29, 2021|Tinker Stories|0 Comments

This is a simple dance game built entirely using Python Programming  and the pygame module. In this game, Aaron, a 15 years old Tinker student coded so that his character dancer performs a sequence of moves.

Aaron has been taking the STEM classes since 2018, and is now in the most advanced Pygame class. He loves Tinkering alongside Mathematics as a lesson. 

Today, he shares a game he made on PyGame


In the game, you need to remember this sequence and make him repeat it using the four arrow keys on the keyboard.

Watch the dancer move to the music and then put your memory skills to the test by repeating those moves. How long can you keep going without making a mistake? We are incredibly proud of his progress. See highlights of what he’s achieved in the video below.

Aaron explains his game during his PyGame class last Saturday.

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