Telling your own story in Scratch Coding

Telling your own story in Scratch Coding

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Reading and sharing stories are a great way to learn sounds, recognize words, and develop early literacy skills. Instead of writing a long composition, Tinker students use their imagination to tell their own story through coding.




With Scratch block-based coding, students IMAGINE themselves as an animation character. They can choose a sprite among the several characters available, or even customize their own. Students can even take a selfie and paste their own image on a character’s body.


What Comes Next?


Students PLAN their story by adding backdrops, props, movement and sound. They do so by writing a script or an algorithm of the step-by-step instructions the computer should follow.  In their journals and worksheets, students can be detailed and identify any errors during coding.


Check out Aisha’s plan below!


Finally, Students CREATE by dragging and dropping the function blocks onto the script area. Their stories are now interactive with themselves as the main character!


Students are able to tell us about their favorite sports or favorite animals. And, also, they’re able to share their cultures and show off their talents.




Video games, movies and TV series are loved by all of us!

The wonder of each story is the coming to life of the creator’s imagination and expression of one’s experiences.


We hope that Tinker Education students keep sharpening their skills to code more amazing stories that will not only entertain their loved ones, but also people around the world.

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