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Learn Collaboration by Pair Programming

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At Tinker Education, collaboration is key to learning.

We foster this through teamwork strategies such as Pair Programming in our coding classes.
Pair Programming involves 2 students using 1 computer to work on the same project.
Each student has a specific role.

One is known as the DRIVER and the other is the NAVIGATOR.

The Driver sits at the wheel, or computer, and has full use of the keyboard and the mouse.
The Navigator helps the Driver by pointing potential problems.

In software development, the Driver is known as the Programmer and the Navigator is referred to as the Designer.
The Programmer and Designer work closely together for the successful operation of a system.

The Programmer takes the lead in project development by managing the details 
whilst the Designer assists in debugging (problem-solving).

In the classroom, our teachers apply Pair Programming by grouping students and having them select their roles for that lesson.
They will wear the Driver’s hat or Navigator’s t-shirt/ name tag as they work on their project mission.

The roles will be alternated so that students can experience the responsibility of the position and gain skills.

The goal for our students is to realize that communication is very important to collaboration and critical thinking.
Together they can improve and find solutions for many of their challenges in real life!

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