Making Seedling Pots to Observe Plants’ Life Cycle

Making Seedling Pots to Observe Plants’ Life Cycle

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Our i:Spy 2 class students learn science principles by doing experiments and applying them to real life.
This class is comprised of students aged 5-7 years old, and they learn science concepts and principles that match Grades 1 and 2 of the U.K. curriculum. 
Our students recently learned about the life cycle of plants.


By learning each step of the plant’s life cycle, students were able to grasp new science vocabulary such as seed coat, germination, and seedling.


Their learning doesn’t stop here.
Our students made their own seedling pots so that they can observe the life cycle of plants.

They used pulp, wet mush of paper, to make the seedling pots.



After the pots dried, the students decorated their pots.



Then, they added soil and seed inside the pot.



Now, all they have to do is observe the seed’s life cycle!



Not only do our students learn science principles, but they get to make fun projects and apply the theory to their lives!

Your young ones can learn by having fun at Tinker.
We welcome you to join today 🙂

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