Mysterious Shadows

Mysterious Shadows

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Shadows are these mysterious things that follow us around every time during the day.
But why do they change every time, and how are they formed?


Let’s see what i:Spy 3 students were able to find out in their study and exploration while making and playing with shadows.


How can we form a shadow?


We have to block the light’s path and bam!

With whatever we have used to block the light, the shadow is cast of that shape.



Why shadows change


As the earth rotates, sunlight shines on an object from different angles.

If you have noticed, the shadow is longer in the morning. 

But when the sun is high in the sky, the shadow is short.

Our students learn about the shadow change by using a globe made with a balloon.



See our students making their own shadows with the shapes they made!


This Halloween, have fun making your own monster shadow.

Or better yet, join us for more fun real life experiments.


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