Kevin’s Coded Snowman!

Kevin’s Coded Snowman!

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Christmas is here! And guys are getting creative in the Christmas spirit.

Kevin just  joined Tinker STEM Education this term. At the age of 14 years, he has developed a liking in Coding. Kevin joined the August camp after his dad identified Tinker program online, when Kevin was suggested for the idea, he was open to trying the classes through attending the camp.

When Camp ended, he asked his dad if he could enrol in regular STEM classes, which are weekly lessons… and that is how he became a Tinkerer! He mastered the basics of Python Programming Language in just 2 months.

“One of his strengths is that he is very patient.This allows him to be able to debug his projects well. In the event he has a bug on his project”. – Teacher Mercy, Kevin’s teacher.

Here, he is sharing a tutorial video on one of his Python Project. He confidently and eloquently expressed his drawing of a snowman using a Python code. This is to say there are different ways of being artistic.

His project is known as “Snowman”, you know, like the one people manually make using snow. His is made in the same concept as the one made in the movie “Frozen”,the one that comes to life and befriends one of the human characters, it’s called Olaf. 

He applies the concept of  turtle graphics and variables to draw circular shaped snowballs that have different radius. The body of the snowman is made up of three snowballs placed one over the other. Eyes, nose, and buttons are also included in the drawing.

For more information, check out Kevin’s video below.

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