End of Term Project: Drawing a House

End of Term Project: Drawing a House

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Last week marked the end of our third term classes. All students had an opportunity to present their own projects which they created with using the knowledge they acquired during the term.

For this presentation we had a total of 28 students along with their parents join our end of term presentations.

The presentations varied from Scratch, Machine learning, and JavaScript to YouTube Cloning. Students of all ages were showcasing their projects. These students ranged from ages 6 years up to approximately 15 years
Let us introduce you to one such project.

Drawing a House project:
Our Python class student Mokeira created a project called “Drawing a House” using the Python turtle graphics module. This module is a graphical tool that can be used to draw simple graphics on the screen using a cursor.

How she coded it:
In Python with turtle, she first added the mandatory code to use the Turtle Graphics module for drawing. She added commands to direct the movement of her turtle object, the commands that dictate what shape she wants to draw, the color to be used, etc.
She defined all the things she wanted in her code. In the end, she connected the whole project with the concept of coordinations to make it look like a fully completed graphical art.

Her opinion on Python:
Moikera initially started coding at Tinker Education by learning the basics of Scratch, a child-friendly coding platform. She advanced to the intensive levels of Scratch before venturing to learn Python. Unlike Scratch, Python is a text-based programming language whose underlying principles encourage code readability more than anything else. She says that Python was quite difficult as compared to Scratch. However, there are some things she studied in Scratch that she used in Python. One main example was the concept of coordinates and direction.

She says, Python is quite complicated, but at the same time fun, because in the end she created a complicated project with lots of lines of code all by herself. She feels much more confident in her coding .She also feels proud of her work. We are also very proud of her achievements and work!

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