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We Create our Own Rainbow!

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We learn how rainbow appears in the sky with a science experiment to create my own rainbow.


No rainbow in the sky today? No problem. You can see a rainbow without having to wait for the rain.

For this fun science experiment, our junior Tinker students used a flashlight to act as the sun, a bowl of water to act as droplets of rain, and a piece of paper to represent the sky.

Did you know that when you see a rainbow, you are seeing rays of light from the Sun? Light is made up of many colors, and when it passes through water, it is broken up into the same colors seen in a rainbow.


Can you spot the seven colors of the rainbow?




Our youngest students are learning hands-on the importance of sunlight to living things on Earth.


Through various STEM activities they will learn:

  • Light is made up of many colors
  • The sun gives energy, heat and light to the earth
  • Living things on Earth need light and heat


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