Beautiful Snowman built by Mbula

Beautiful Snowman built by Mbula

2020-10-30T11:49:05+09:00 Oct 30, 2020|Tinker Stories|0 Comments

Surely with a little encouragement and great support, young kids can do amazing things. This is Mbula, she is only 8 years old but does not cease to amaze her teacher and parents. 

With her beautiful imagination, Mbula made a  snowman by way of coding! She combined her favourite colours and shapes and arranged her code diligently to draw the snowman, seeing from her explanation below, she clearly enjoyed the process. 

Mbula is taking the Python programming course currently, after learning block based coding with Scratch where she sharpened her skills in coding. Of Course Tinker STEM classes being an afterschool  program, she sacrifices a lot of time to practice her coding skills when she’s free at home. 

We hope by watching Mbula’s snowman will start to bring the exciting spirit of Christmas! 

Watch and leave a comment or question if you are curious about how she was able to create her snowman, she will be delighted to let you know!

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