Ask, Imagine, Plan, and Create with Ozobot!

Ask, Imagine, Plan, and Create with Ozobot!

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Colour Coding with a colour sensing robot called Ozobot!


It’s not only fun, but it also requires logical reasoning as it uses colour to detect instructions.

Our i:Code 2 students learnt the above basic key concepts using the Ozobot.


First: Ask and Imagine


Students collaborate to give commands to the Ozobot using the Ozocodes as they follow through as the instructions.

This way they will discover how the Ozobot moves at an intersection.



Second: The Plan


Before the physical computing, students plan onto their worksheet first, by following the rules

given by the teacher for playing the Ozo Clause Game.



Lastly: Create


Finally! The feeling you get when your script works!

The students enjoyed watching their Ozobot moving from the start point to the finish.



The student has finally finished the processes and is excited to watch his Ozobot move as planned.


Can you create your own script?

If you already have, come and share your project with us! Otherwise, don’t be left behind.


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