Advantages of Scratch Junior

Advantages of Scratch Junior

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ScratchJr uses block-based coding with icons on each block instead of words; allowing preschoolers to get familiarized with some fundamentals of coding. 

Although children can explore its environment with a little adult help, we strongly advise parents to begin with a ScratchJr course for kids below 7yrs. This way, they can follow a curriculum, make projects on a regular basis, and even benefit from a teacher with minimal involvement needed from the parent.


  1. The projects are shareable

Kids may create and share their projects (games and tales) online via Google Drive or AirDrop. Children who share their creations with others might receive feedback and compliments from their peers and utilize the projects of other users as models to generate fresh ideas.

  1. Online app

The online app of the ScratchJr course is another important advantage it has over other coding for kids platforms. You are not restricted to using a specific operating system. It is accessible to everyone using a tablet, Chromebook, or laptop, regardless of location or operating system.

  1. Block-based coding for preschoolers

Preschoolers learn to code primarily through interactive games and activities. So, for this age range, you should choose a block-based coding platform with little text and complexity. With a little adult assistance, kids as young as 5years can build their own creations using ScrtachJr.

  1. A stepping stone for Scratch

ScratchJr is a fantastic place to start for individuals who wish to learn more about programming languages like Scratch, Java, and Python because it is a condensed version of Scratch. If your children are more than 7 years old and find Scratch a little overwhelming, you can start with ScratchJr to find out if they are interested in coding at all.

  1. Builds confidence

Another less visible advantage of the ScratchJr online course is the opportunity to take on new tasks and invest effort into creating new projects. They will learn how to accomplish anything on their own by enrolling in an online course for kids and creating their own stories and activities. These little accomplishments lead to something way bigger: confidence for children from an early age.

  1. Makes kids use computers to learn skills for the future

Children are introduced to coding with ScratchJr at a very young age, exposing them to the computer world that is an integral part of the 21st century. What could be better than advancing academically in a secure setting like ScratchJr while also preparing for the future?

To sum up, as programming has replaced literacy, an increasing number of kids are enrolling in online courses for kids to prepare them for the future. With all the advantages of the online ScratchJr course, it’s wise to let kids begin their coding experience with this fantastic programming language.

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